Kraftwurx is a marketplace for engineers, designers & artists to showcase your products to the world. We want customers to find merchandise here they cannot get anywhere else...ever!


We encourage all sellers to provide information about yourself and/or your craft in your community profile. You would be surprised how often people want to know about who they are buying a product from. You should attempt to explain as much as you feel necessary. You may use this space to provide additional policy information.

Keep the following in mind when you set up your sellers account:

  • All sellers must abide by Kraftwurx policies. Kraftwurx reserves the right to request that a seller provide policy information or require a seller to modify unreasonable policies at Kraftwurx discretion.
  • Do not make illegal use of Intellectual Property of Any kind ( Photos, images, designs, etc). This is in violation of our Terms of Service.
  • Use of vulgar, profane or racist language or images anywhere within Kraftwurx website is not permitted. This includes your username, profile, products, word cloud tags, Product titles, avatars, photos, videos...essentially Anything!
  • You may not set a minimum purchase amount requirement in your shop ever!
  • You may not engage in any activity to avoid Kraftwurx fees (selling outside our site constitutes "fee avoidance"). This includes but is not limited to: completing a transaction directly with a buyer.


Members who do not comply with All Kraftwurx policies may be have their account privileges suspended and or terminated. Suspended or terminated members remain obligated to for anything else due to your agreement to the Terms of Use.


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