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Design Guide for Ceramic 3D Printing
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3D printing materials & processes are very different than traditional making processes. Use this forum to discuss this topic.
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TOPIC: Design Guide for Ceramic 3D Printing
Design Guide for Ceramic 3D Printing 9 Years, 10 Months ago message Karma: 10
Fire Glazed Ceramics is one of the most popular 3d print materials available on In order to ensure you experience the most from ceramic 3d printing we have set up a series of guidelines to follow when designing your 3d models. Kraftwurx staff members examine each model before production to further check the model will produce a quality ceramic part. We will notify you if any issues are discovered with your order that may result in a less than quality part. Please see the following guidelines to designing for Ceramic 3d printing.

3D Printed Fire Glazed Ceramic Design Guidelines:
Bounding Box Sum (length + width + height)
Minimum: 12 cm (120 mm)
Maximum: 40 cm (400 mm)

Bounding Box Dimensions
Minimum: n/a object must meet B.B. Sum rule and Density rule
Maximum: 320 mm x 240 mm x 180 mm

Object Density(how much of the bounding box is filled by the object)
Minimum: 5%
Maximum: 100%

Wall Thickness (structural)
Minimum: 3 mm
Maximum: 15 mm
12 cm ≤ Bounding Box Sum ≤ 20 cm: 3 mm
20 cm < Bounding Box Sum ≤ 30 cm: 4 mm
30 cm < Bounding Box Sum ≤ 40 cm: 6 mm

Hollow models require a 1 cm (10 mm) depowdering hole.
Decorative feature holes must be greater than 3 mm.

Embossed (raised): 2 mm in width and height, minimum
Engraved (inset): 3 mm in width and depth, minimum
Embossed text: 36 point or greater; 2 mm height, minimum
Engraved text: 60 point or greater; 3 mm depth, minimum

If you have questions regarding 3d printed ceramics ,message
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