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Did you know 3d printing models can help you accelerate your product development?

Having a product idea is one thing, but actually moving it into production is an entirely different story. Before you can even think about manufacturing and selling your product to consumers, you first have to perfect the design. You have to finalize the design and decide on the materials and colors, troubleshoot potential issues or hazards, and resolve other problems that crop up. Fortunately, perfecting this process is easy: 3D printing models during development.

3D printing models of your product idea allows you to:

  • Touch and hold your product so you can gain valuable knowledge and insight into what works, what doesn’t work and what needs to be changed
  • Hammer out functional details and troubleshoot potential problems
  • Get creative and play with different designs, shapes and colors until you’re happy with the results
  • Inspect your product for quality, and ensure there are no hazards or risks your product could pose
  • Test your product with potential customers to get feedback, comments and criticism
  • Make changes to your product plan quickly, then see those changes reflected in a new model

It’s faster and easier to create a perfected, finalized product by 3D printing models. With 3D printing you can self-quote your designs and receive parts faster than other methods of manufacturing that rely both skilled and manual labor. In man cases 3D printing, allows you to go from art to part in ten days or less. You can also submit multiple product designs at the same time and receive them in just a few days, allowing you to test multiple designs against each other.


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