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Kraftwurx struck by tragedy hopefully with a happy ending PDF Print E-mail

About a month ago one of my employees close family members was diagnosed with a brain tumor called a Glioma. A few days ago they had it removed by surgery. It's a travesty that they had to go through this at all but we hold them in our prayers.

Its easy for us to become disenfranchised with life. We bury ourselves in work every day but events like this give me pause personally. I reflected on this event and although Kraftwurx is a passion for me and those around me, I personally believe that we should all live our lives and enjoy them. I cherish my family and those around me. It's tough to think about my work-family having hardships. I tell this because I simply feel like its important to feel compassion for those around me.

My own wife Amy lost her mother to cancer back when Kraftwurx was just beginning to dreamed up. My wife and I miss her and I pledged that all charitable donations from Kraftwurx in the future would be given to the American Cancer Society and cancer research. This event reinforced that pledge.

I find it troubling to think about the current political and economic environment where the media and Washington are diverting attention away from real, social problems that plague society today. Jobs are a bigger priority than guns for example. I personally wish our government would spend their time and energy funding research to cure cancer than worrying about problems that are much smaller in scope. Not to degrade their importance at all but rather that more social good will come from curing cancer than any single social problem because people with cancer suffer and those around them suffer too. 

3D printing may someday print organs and help with cancer cures by allowing cancer ridden organs to be removed and replaced but the problem is really biological and more research is needed.

Chris Norman, CEO


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