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Transparent Pricing System PDF Print E-mail

Kraftwurx has changed our pricing structure to be completely transparent. Your orders show the actual price, based on volume and handling fees for that material. Handling fees range from $1.50 per order to $100 for Bio-Compatible Objet (pricy stuff).

  • Retail fees are a simply 10% markup to retail customers.
  • Sellers who purchase their own models NEVER pay for the store fee.
  • Plain, easy to read data shows you EXACTLY what you will pay....

Kraftwurx knows that you work hard on your designs. We recognize that you value your revenue from sales and we want to be the first to tell you that Kraftwurx will be completely transparent on all sales and sellers fees. That is why we have built the data system to show statistics on sales throughout the entire system. You can access the data using the red graph icon in your account. This shows the total sale at any time.


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