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Print 3D Models and Kraftwurx: A Product Developers Community PDF Print E-mail

Kraftwurx empowers artists to print 3D models in a wide variety of industries. As long as the design meets Kraftwurx’s privacy policy and has the correct wall thickness, we’ll print it! Through the rising technology known as 3D printing, we can print 3D models for anyone across the globe! This gives artists and inventors the chance to see their designs come to life.

How is this impactful? Let me elaborate: At the moment, engineers across the globe lean heavily on expensive traditional ways of manufacturing or CNC machines. These methods can’t create the same products that can be made through 3D printing and other forms of additive manufacturing. With the new availability to these technologies at Kraftwurx, product developers and artists can create virtually anything they would like to! When Kraftwurx would print 3D models for artists and designers, the choice of material is up to the artists. If that said artist was looking forward to a full color prototype part to show to investors or clients, it could be done! If the artists simply wants to enjoy the sharpness of his or her design, there is always high detail resin which shows incredibly sharp detail. Many products can be made out of various materials that serve great for mechanical use. Many materials offer great durability, precision, temperature resistance, and overall strength. Perhaps you just want a full colored print of your design – Kraftwurx can help you print 3D Models!

By giving artists the chance to print 3D models, Kraftwurx empowers the development of new products and technologies out there! This technology can help change the world, one industry at a time. When a product developer needs a physical model, he or she needs to print 3D models of that design. When an architect needs to show investors where their money will go, that architect needs to print 3D models. When a patient needs a specific prosthetic, he or she needs to print that 3D model!

In a nutshell , the 3D Printing industry is starting to take a new turn, and is becoming available to artists and engineers across the globe. This technology is simply amazing, and has so much potential. Through Kraftwurx, you can print 3D models of virtually anything for a wide variety of industries!


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