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Custom 3D Models: As Unique as Your Ideas PDF Print E-mail

If a truly disruptive business model that enabled 3D printing to take market share from mass manufacturing existed, what would it look like? We think it would look like It has been just over 5 years since Digital Reality made some noise about 3D printing with a demo website.

3D printing is headed for mainstream production through Digital Reality, a Solidworks Corporation Research Associate since 2006. Digital Reality announces the release of Digital Factory™ and the web portal Kraftwurx is the new Nexus of 3D printing, serving as the world’s first and only global Social Network, sales & e-manufacturing system that turns 3D artists, engineers and Industrial designers into entrepreneurs. Simply open an account, upload your 3D models and Kraftwurx turns your models into products and lets you sell them to the world, printed in 3D.

Digital Factory goes further with the ability to sell assemblies of products made form many materials, including kits with electronics, lights, batteries and much more. Simply upload the specifications for each part and it becomes part of the Bill of Material for any product a consumer might buy.

What sets Kraftwurx apart is the automation and the flexibility of the system. Its a very open platform that does not hide aspects of the business model. Everyone participates and everyone has a vested interest in seeing the business model succeed because it empowers small business to make products for consumers at large, not just the makers themselves.

Kraftwurx also announces a list of firsts in the 3D printing world:

  • Kraftwurx is the first 3D printing company making consumer products via 3D printing with Collegiate Licensing
  • Kraftwurx is the first Social Network Just for 3D printing that is truly global! Make friends, talk and share anything!
  • We have over 40 materials We have over 600 bureaus in our network!
  • We have the ONLY chat system that lets you actually chat in your own language with anyone worldwide! Set your default language preference and no matter what someone else types, you get to read their messages in your language!
  • Alchemy lets you post ads without design experience and create teams to co-create a product into existence. Get paid for modeling or share profits down the road!
  • We have a charity system where you can donate a portion of your proceeds. Real-time scaling: Adjust the size and cost of your models.
  • Model Validation – Automated validation. We also offer design, scanning and other services in house. We have 9 employees. We are privately funded. Testing is done and we are now loading our collection of models…that will take some time.
  • Digital Factory™ is alive and goes on sale next year. Patent Pending. It’s a Factory in a box system and it is what runs Kraftwurx e-manufacturing system.
  • We have our own printer! Share your products directly on over 30 social media platforms!
  • We have an API allowing you to sell on your own site! We are on Facebook & Twitter as well as Delicious, Blogger, and 30 other social media platforms.
  • We produced awards for James Coney Island fast food chain & are currently working on a second corporate client in the shipping industry.
  • We have had over 3,000 visitors already after launching Monday. If the trend continues, we will have 1000 visitors a day by the end of this week.
  • Expect a Huge amount of simple customization available by March!

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