Everyday Uses for 3D Printed Products Print

The 3D printing process isn’t just for people who want to make money or start a business. It has many practical, everyday uses that can benefit virtually anyone. From making small fixes to your home and appliances to creating customized gifts for your friends and loved ones, 3D printed products can prove to be extremely useful when it comes to day-to-day life.


Here are just a few ways you can use 3D printed products in your world:

  • Gifts—Want to impress your loved ones on their birthday, at Christmas or for an anniversary? Give them a completely unique present by using 3D printing. Design and print gifts locally through Kraftwurx, or browse our current listings of 3D printed products and customize or personalize them for your loved one’s enjoyment. Either way, they’ll love their one-of-a-kind gift!
  • DIY work—Make household projects easier by incorporating 3D printed products into the mix. Use a 3D printer to produce that hard-to-find part for your vintage Cadillac, create a circuit board and automate your garage lights, or manufacture a missing door hinge you lost years ago. Whatever your DIY project need, 3D printing is sure to help.
  • Home décor—You can also use a 3D printer to create customized artwork and décor for your home or workspace. Generate ceramics or sculptures for your home or garden, or make small-scale models of larger pieces and use them as centerpieces, knick-knacks or wall hangings. With so many unique options, you’ll find just the right enhancement.
  • Work and school—Improve your work or school life through 3D printing. Use a 3D printer to create models, prototypes and others tools that can be used as visual aids to amp up your presentations, pitch meetings and other important projects. Your audience will be impressed, and you may lock down that top grade or sale.


Want to learn more about everyday uses for 3D printed products? Contact Kraftwurx today at 281-256-9737 or join our online 3D printing community!


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