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Use a 3D Printing Prototype Service for Travel-Friendly Sales Tools PDF Print E-mail

For professionals who work in sales or marketing, 3D printing can truly be a game changer. By using a 3D printing prototype service like Kraftwurx, sales professionals can create detailed, small-scale models and fully functioning prototypes to use as visual aids and tools on sales calls, at pitch meetings and during presentations and conferences.


How a 3D Printing Prototype Service Can Help Sales

In many cases, when you’re on a sales call, it’s difficult to take along the product you’re selling. It’s either too large or bulky and not feasible to take on the plane or in the car, or it’s too expensive to produce for every salesperson on staff. Fortunately, a 3D printing prototype service can change all that.


With 3D printing, you can create a functional prototype of virtually any product. Whether it’s a huge oil well valve or a tiny computer chip, 3D printing allows you to produce a scaled visual tool that helps you better explain, market and sell your product.


A 3D printing prototype service can even enable you to create a cutaway of your product, revealing the inner workings and mechanics behind your invention. This can also help convince the buyer to sign that contract and close the deal.


Try Kraftwurx’s 3D Printing Prototype Service

Kraftwurx is no stranger to prototyping for sales purposes. In fact, one company recently commissioned us to create a lightweight mock-up of its new line of industrial ball valves. The true-to-form product weighs nearly 400 pounds, making it impossible for sales reps to take on calls. We were able to create an exact replica of the valve, slimming it down to a mere 18 pounds so sales professionals could show the product to potential customers while traveling.


Could your company benefit from small-scale models or prototypes? Then consider using a 3D printing prototype service like Kraftwurx today. Contact us at 281-256-9737 to learn more.


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