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Posting a product for sale on requires a Sellers Account. If you do not have a Sellers Account, you can create one HERE for free. The instructions below are intended to describe how to post a product from your Sellers Account Control Panel after your account has been created. To learn how to create an account or what is allowed, please read through the rest of the help section under getting started.

Click on Upload New Product from Your Sellers Control Panel (CP)


When you log in, you are presented with a control panel that includes a tab titled, Sellers CP, also called the Sellers Control Panel. When you click on the button to upload, you access the system to create a new product for sale by you! The product is a 3D model. Note: Making products that you want to buy is considerably different from making products for the general public. Kraftwurx will decide if your product is capable of being a consumer product that is showcased in the primary store categories. Regardless of this approval, your product will be available for purchase but perhaps in a different category.

Choose to Upload a Single Part or an Assembly

You must choose to either upload a single object as a product or upload an assembly (a product made of more than one component). You must choose one or the other to proceed. Products made of one part are exactly that, a single object as a product, regardless of the features. An assembly is considerably different. An assembly can consist of two or more parts that when combined create a product. Parts in an assembly can be made of one material or many different materials. Additionally, assemblies allow you to include 3rd party products such as electronics that you can purchase or your clients can purchase to create the product. Think of it as a "kit". You may also provide and upload instructions and drawings to explain how to build the item, wire it or assemble it.

An assembly uses a Bill of Materials. If you want to learn more about what a bill of materials is, you should check out the Wikipedia page HERE .

Single Part as Product Information


The form above is used to upload a single part as a product. This means your product will be made of only 3D model and will be made of only one (1) material at a time. The form is fairly simple, requiring you to make some choices, including naming the product (a), adding a description (b), selecting a default material (c), deciding if the product should have a default finish (d), and other parameters. A complete description of what each field means can be obtained by clicking the question mark adjacent to the field while filling out the form. Your models are validated at upload and you WILL NOT be able to proceed if the model is not printable.

Assembly as a Product Method


The Assembly as a Product form is slightly different than the individual part. In order to create an assembly as a product, you must create a document describing the product. This document does not contain any 3D models. This document is often called a phantom part in the engineering world. The phantom part will have one or more parts structured underneath it that collectively make up an assembly. The assembly makes up the product you are selling. You can attach renderings of the assembly or pictures of the prototype you have made. These images are used in the store (not the images of the individual parts).

Once you set up the assembly phantom part, you can begin adding individual 3D model files through a screen that is just like the screen for uploading a single model as a product. Your individual parts can be made of different materials. There is no limit to how many parts you can add to a product for sale or how many different materials you can choose. Each part must be defined with a part file. The part assembly will be produced every time someone purchases the item and all parts will be shipped to the customer.


After you have completed the form, you will be redirected to the screen above. This form shows the product details for the new item you are creating. At the bottom of the list is the Bill of Materials. This is where you add individual parts to your assembly.


Continue adding parts and describing them, their makeup etc., until the product is fully defined. The more details you can provide, the better. You will also see a calculated cost. This is your cost for the assembly. Your standard markup is applied to the assembly (your profit) for the transaction of the sale. You also have the ability to edit this assembly, add new parts, exchange parts with a new revision of the same part. Digital Factory will continue to store the original parts so that customers needing replacements can order them at any revision needed.

Note: You may select as many materials and or finishes as you require. If you see the message, "no finish available", it means that, although we can make the part from the material you desire, we do not currently offer any finishes for that particular material. This may change in the future. If it does, you will have the option to come back and add the finish you desire.

Other Features that Can Be Changed During Creation


Ship to me Kraftwurx provides you the option to have all of the parts shipped directly to you instead of the end user. This allows you to assemble the product, conduct additional manufacturing or finishing steps etc. In this manner, you can present the final product to a customer already assembled. You might choose this option if you desire to have the parts sent to you for assembly or additional processing, finishing, machining or whatever else you may need to have done to the product. This might also be used to sell the product to customers and have the item up in your store. Additionally, you might want to use this feature to "brand" your merchandise or inspect it before the client receives the product, or ship it in a box with your own label.

Allow Download? This option effectively places the model in the public domain, meaning others can download it and make changes to it and then re-upload it. By enabling this option you waive your intellectual property rights to the model.

Default Markup Override & Store Category These fields allow you to override your "global" markup (profit margin) for products you sell on Kraftwurx.


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