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Rules for Everyone PDF Print E-mail

These are rules that all Kraftwurx members, including buyers, sellers & bureaus must follow. These rules are created to protect you and to keep Kraftwurx a safe place to buy, sell, and participate in the community.

Rules about general member conduct

Kraftwurx members are not allowed to:

  • Interfere with the Kraftwurx website

  • Users may not use Profanity on the Site at any time!

  • Infringe on Our Intellectual Property including patents.

  • Create a new account or buy and sell on Other Existing Accounts to avoid restrictions or limits

  • Make offers to Buy or Sell Outside of Kraftwurx

  • Post want ads, except in the Co-Creating Section of Kraftwurx

  • Falsely Report that another member has violated a Kraftwurx policy

In addition to rules that apply to all Kraftwurx members, Kraftwurx also has rules specifically about Feedback , Buying, and Selling .

Rules about identity

Kraftwurx members:

  • Must be at least 18 Years Old

  • Cannot Misrepresent Their Identities

  • Must always provide valid and complete Contact Information and must always have a Valid Email Address

  • Cannot Publish the Contact Information of Other Members in an online public area

  • Must Choose Their User ID according to Kraftwurx rules

Rules about communicating with other Kraftwurx members

Kraftwurx members:

  • Can't use our member-to-member contact options to Send Spam or Threats

  • Must follow Kraftwurx rules for Groups , Discussion Boards , and Community Content (includes reviews and guides)

Rules about Kraftwurx responsibilities

  • Kraftwurx Privacy Policy specifies how your personal information is used.

  • Kraftwurx Employees are bound by all Kraftwurx policies and must identify themselves as Kraftwurx employees when buying, listing an item, or submitting content to the site.


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