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3D Printing Company of the future: Join Us

Join a dynamic team of ambitious people where ideas are an asset!

Work becomes "work" the minute it is not enjoyable

At Kraftwurx, we love what we do. We have a corporate culture that nurtures excitement about direct digital manufacturing and the excitement is contagious. It is noticeable the first time a visitor steps into our office. It is the glue that holds the diverse members of our team together, which includes 3D Game Developers. Digital Artists, Marketers, Engineers, and 3D Designers. It's just another typical day at Kraftwurx.

Our Office

Everything is bigger and better in Texas.

This location is advantageous as it offers one of the lowest cost-of-living locales in the nation. While the rest of the country is enduring a recession, Houston and it's surrounding areas are growing. What better a place to lay strong corporate roots.


Who we're looking for

Kraftwurx is looking for candidates!

We want passionate, hard working, talented individuals that get things done and always push themeselves to do better
  • Someone that functions well in an open concept workspace.
  • Someone that can produce amazing new features for Kraftwurx.
  • Someone that can collaborate with other designers.
  • Someone that pushes the limits of customization and e-commerce.

Our company is growing rapidly, and we are hungry for new talent!

We value the customers, affiliates, and community members who are instrumental in our growth. If you have a referral then we want to know about it.

email their resume and a letter of introduction to

If a match is made, then we will see to it that you are rewarded financially for the contribution you have made to our team. You may make as many recommendations as you see fit.


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