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Printing the Planet with Customized Products | The Team PDF Print E-mail

About Kraftwurx

Print the Planet

A world where the power to create and manufacture new products is placed into the hands of everyday people just like you.

In 2004, We set out to build a platform that empowers everyone to create, showcase, buy and sell customized products with 3D printing

Corporate Commitment to the Planet

We produce everything as close to you as possible, often in the same city or state. This reduces shipping which also gives Kraftwurx a low carbon footprint.

customized products

Our Story

Kraftwurx is a start-up created to empower designers and engineers around the world with the tools and technology to Turn Ideas Into Reality™, produced on-demand using 3D printing. It's a passion we've held since 2006 when we created Digital Factory™ which powers our website. This technology minimizes waste and is a fundamental reason why we believe that 3D printing will change the world. We also have the lowest carbon footprint of any manufacturer on the planet because, unlike our competitors, we produce locally, often in your own city or state, reducing transportation and shipping costs and keeping trucks off the road.

Headquarted in Houston, Texas Kraftwurx has ties with the industrial institution through technology manufacturing in Austin, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and over 110 production facilities worldwide producing products for you.

Meet The Team

Chris Norman

Chris is a Manufacturing Engineer with the "Knack." He's the driving force behind Kraftwurx quest to 3D print the planet. Chris holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Texas A&M University. He also holds an MBA in Technology Management. When not trying to take over the world of 3D printing, Chris spends time with his wife and 3 kids or can be found flying as a private pilot.

Kevin Hasley

Kevin is a financial wizard and the most focused employee on the Kraftwurx staff. No detail escapes Kevin's keen eye. Kevin is a successful businessman as President & CEO of Nabors Glass. Kevin is an avid sketch artist with an amazing talent to draw. When not working, can be found spending time with his Wife or hunting.

Stacy Templeton

Stacy is the most extroverted and likeable member of the Kraftwurx Staff. If he engages you in conversation, you're doomed to close a sale. Stacy was VP of Sales for Ceil-Tex, inc and #1 sales rep for Houston-based Startup Arcalux. Stacy is an amazing Photographer, Husband and father.

Marco Valenzuela

Marco is a quiet one but he's got serious skills. He comes from Austin, high-tech capital of Texas where he has had a career in video games with titles under his belt that include Tron Legacy and even SyFy channel movies. Marco is the most well rounded digital artist and designer that we have ever seen. He is an instructor in almost every popular 3D application known.

Kevin Sherman

Kevin is a jack of all trades developer whose experience includes every modern language used. He's experienced in video game development, 3D graphics, full-stack LAMP development and even SEO. We've never met a developer with his creativity and capability. He can be given a task and is able to run with it with no supervision. Kevin is a serious Guitar player playing it all. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Funk etc.

Danielle Menard

Danielle is an amazing artist who's flair for graphics is astounding. She can emulate styles of any artist and creates stunning designs including most of the art and literature you see at and in our marketing literature. Danielle is into old-school cars and is the best dressed person in the office...period. Danielle is a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston.

Linda Hanson

Debbie Nabors

Industry Partners


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