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We're committed to providing the world with the tools and technology to usher in the next Industrial revolution. Join Kraftwurx so that you can help us 3D Print the Planet.

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The easiest way to open your own 3D printing web store.

Turn your ideas into reality with Digital Factory™ from Kraftwurx®. The worlds first and only platform designed exclusively for 3d printing e-commerce. Everything you need to open a store, & start selling 3d printing to the world. Focus on design and let Kraftwurx handle everything else. We offer the worlds largest selection of materials and more than 120 World Class Production Facilities worldwide.

How Kraftwurx Saves You Money on 3D Printing

Looking for 3D printing? Kraftwurx is your premier source for 3D printing services. We offer the worlds largest selection of 3D printing materials, nobody else comes close. Kraftwurx currently offers 85 materials, we've made 3D printing easier and more affordable than ever before. You can use Kraftwurx 3D printing services to save you time and money.

Other Ways Kraftwurx Saves You Money

Although 3D printing itself is considered an environmentally friendly technology, Kraftwurx makes 3D printing even more green by producing your parts locally through a global on-demand network of more than 125 manufacturing facilities around the world. This gives Kraftwurx flexibility to make your parts everywhere but it also saves you money.

Kraftwurx saves you money on shipping, freight duties and tariffs. In most manufacturing settings, you’d have to ship products from your facility directly to the customer, not with Kraftwurx. Kraftwurx leverages our global fulfillment network so your products are efficiently produced as close as possible to you or your customers. Printing locally also saves time, sometimes reducing shipping by 10 days ore more.

3D Printing with Kraftwurx

If you want fast, affordable and convenient 3D printing, there’s no better service than Kraftwurx. Join our online 3D printing community today, upload your design and get started! PRINT-THE-PLANET

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