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How Additive Manufacturing Works With Kraftwurx

Use Kraftwurx to...

Upload & Print

Personal Factory

Use Kraftwurx as your personal factory to produce prototypes and products in 85 materials, shipped directly from us to your door.


Sell Models

Earn Money

Publish your designs as products for sale retail and sell them world wide with 3D Printing. Earn revenue and help Kraftwurx to print the planet.


Web Stores

Made Easy

Open a Webstore on your own domain selling 3D printed products designed by you or others using our patented Digital Factory system.

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Find Work


Looking for work or want to hire a talented 3D designer or engineer? You've come to the right place. Bringing your idea to life just got easier!

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Join The Revolution

3D Printing, also called Additive Manufacturing is an emerging technology with the potential to transform personalized product manufacturing. We've built the Kraftwurx platform to help the 3D printing industry grow and to do so in an environmentally responsible way. When you're ready to explore how digital manufacturing can benefit you business or start a 3D printing business, Kraftwurx is your resource.

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