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Caprise -  Open

Deadline: 01/22/2019
Project Total: $0.00
Description: 3d print

Ashtray Connecting To Cigarette Packet -  Open

Deadline: 11/23/2016
Project Total: $55.00
Description: Hi Im looking for a few hobbyists to design and print a 3D ashtray that you can connect to a cigarette packet.

Holder Action Cam -  Open

Deadline: 10/12/2016
Project Total: $22.00
Description: This accessory allows you to connect to an action cam (Sony AS200V / GoPro) a smartphone you can use as a display via the wifi capabilities that now possess all the action cam on the market. Designed to use any kind of action cam with any type of smartphone, but still very compact, extremely versatile and ideal for anyone wishing to use their own action cam not only while practicing their favorite sport but also as a normal camera or camera. The action cam holder is an ideal object to take on holiday or just at the beach. It is also possible using as tripod for your action cam and make your selfies much more practical.

An Attractive Bracelet That Duplicates The Function Of A Quarterback Wrist Band And Runners Wallet. -  Open

Deadline: 06/30/2016
Project Total: $110.00
Description: Need a bracelet or wrist band that has a window where a note can be inserted and changed regularly like the quarterback wrist band pictured. Ideal (but not necessary) would be a pocket where a single key can be stashed attached to a short stretch cord like the runners wallet pictured. It must be attractive for a woman to wear. It could be like a silicone slap bracelet pictured where the message window would replace the watch pictured. The message window would be about the size of small sticky notes 1.5 x 2 inches or a business card. It would have a cover like the quarterback photo where the message can be hidden but easily opened to read and to change the message. Ideal would be some sort of sliding cover rather than a flap. For this the bracelet would possibly need to be solid like a metal band or plastic as pictured. It could be as wide as 3 inches with a clipping or hinging closure as pictured. Ideally the bracelet could not be removed without help.

Ear Cleaners Holder -  Open

Deadline: 06/11/2016
Project Total: $0.00

3d Architectural Modeling By Indiacadworks -  Open

Deadline: 10/28/2015
Project Total: $990.00
Description: Combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest CAD technologies, 3D architectural modeling leads the way in architectural innovations. 3D architectural modeling helps visualization during modeling. Photorealistic image rendering brings these models to life.

Custom Ring -  Open

Deadline: 10/25/2015
Project Total: $440.00
Description: Hi I would like to have this design made into a ring for my partner. Either in 925 silver or in titanium.

Clear 'cover' For Outside Light Effect -  Open

Deadline: 09/05/2015
Project Total: $0.00
Description: What I need is a clear 'chandelier' light/candlestick cover design. It have to be clear. I have a large chandelier that I've placed outside, problem is it's meant for the inside and when it rains it's damagining the light bulbs/sockets. I need a 'cover' made, I would send you the rough measurements and since they will sit over the lights and the platform they don't have to be snug, just want the rain/water to run over it. It would need to be hollow. Here is a photo of the example of what I need - the manufacture made them for this fixture (this is not the actual fixture in question): 2_47_50_PM.png here's a photo further away: here's a photo of the actual light: here's the same photo but closer, it's the candlestick/bulb that needs covering, and I need a cover made: how much would you charge me for the design?

Asap! Make A 2d Drawing Into A 3d Print -  Open

Deadline: 08/07/2015
Project Total: $110.00
Description: Please make this 2D drawing into a 3D print by tomorrow. Need circle 1" dia. and .075" tall.

Keychain Figurine -  Open

Deadline: 06/25/2015
Project Total: $0.00
Description: A keychain figurine of Chinese actor Huo Jian Hua based on the attached photo

Lcd Bezel -  Open

Deadline: 06/16/2015
Project Total: $27.50
Description: I need two pieces of acrylic. One is the front of a LCD bezel, the 2nd is the back which is a solid piece with holes drilled in both to match so I can screw them together. I tried to make it in SketchUp but couldn't get it to work.

5 Hour Energy Bottle Spout And Cap Threading -  Open

Deadline: 04/10/2015
Project Total: $55.00
Description: I have a bottle design that is completed except I need the threading for the spouts and the caps. After reviewing multiple bottles, I want it to be the same spout threading as the 5 hour energy bottle. Also, to make it leak proof, I want the cap to be the same as 5 hour energy. I have collada/sketchup format. Thanks for your time! Jack

The Jester & Pharley -  Open

Deadline: 01/18/2015
Project Total: $0.00
Description: The Jester and Pharley from the book, "The Jester Has Lost his Jingle" by David Saltzman. Would like 3-D model based on the book's characters.

Amptech 3d Logo -  Open

Deadline: 12/05/2014
Project Total: $275.00
Description: We need 20, 3D Printed logos sitting on a base. Behind the logo should be a slot for business cards with a hole for holding pens on either side of the business cards. This is for a company function we are holding on December 11th.

Spectacle Design -  Open

Deadline: 11/20/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: Hi Everyone! I'm working on my MA Thesis that is looking at 3D printing spectacles. I'm looking to create a couple prototypes and would love to find a designer willing to help me. I am very open to design ideas, just want to get a couple designs to print so I can get an idea about quality and the design process. Please get in touch if you have any experience designing eyewear or have an interest in trying it out! Thanks! Emma

Orchid Warrior. -  Open

Deadline: 12/31/2014
Project Total: $27,500.00
Description: Custom Aeration Technology for Orchids.

Orchid Warrior. -  Open

Deadline: 12/31/2014
Project Total: $27,500.00
Description: Custom Aeration Technology for Orchids.

Zombie Town Game Models -  Open

Deadline: 10/08/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: I am building a Zombie town board game and need to 3D model and print town structures to populate the game. The town structures are destroyed town buildings (office bilding, library, shop, pub, school, etc.) that sit on 4"x4" tiles. The structure tiles are then mated together to build the full town layout. I have Max models that are modeled in high detail, and need a designer/artist to prepare the model for 3D sandstone full color printing. The models will require removing unprintable pieces, hollowing out the interior, and unifying texture maps. I have at least 12 models to design and print, and am allowing a good amount of creative freedom to make the buildings look zombie destroyed, trashed, distressed, including addition of blood splatters and anything else printable! Photos attached show a schoolhouse building that is complete. The full schoolhouse occupies 4 of the 4"x4" tiles, and the photos show how the models are matched together. The photos also show how hollow the object is and what the textures look like. Scale is approx. 1:100 for the models, but not exact. I am looking for highest quality in the models and textures, as quality is key. The project deadline of 10/8 is to get interested designers/artist chosen ONLY. The work can be estimated after I find talent.

Create Miniature Model Of Friend -  Open

Deadline: 09/30/2014
Project Total: $55.00
Description: Hi, I have a few picture with the same clothes of a friend. I wanted to gift her a miniature figurine as lifelike as possible. Can anyone convert the jpg images i have into a full colour 3D model that can be printed. I have the pic of a side pose and the front.

Small Scaled Female Model -  Open

Deadline: 10/12/2014
Project Total: $1,320.00
Description: Hello there, I need to print a 100cm scaled female body. Without a head, so around 86cm tall body. Do you print at this scale? If so, do you have a material that would give this a realistic finish. I need a smooth uniform surface, and some details in wrinkles. This will be used in casting in platinum grade silicones for final product. I can't have any lines, and needs to have a realistic look. Whats a ball park estimate if you can do something like this? Thanks

Ebolmer - Digital Wireless Guitar System -  Open

Deadline: 08/07/2014
Project Total: $1,100.00
Description: Ebolmer is a UNIQUE digital wireless guitar system which allows you to wirelessly play your electric guitar (or bass guitar) for hours on end. You can find further information about our product at our webpage We are currently looking for 3D designers that may help us customizing the Ebolmer enclosure using 3D printers. We can send the .stl files of Ebolmer current enclosure so that you can generate your own design.

Germany Vs Brazil -  Open

Deadline: 08/05/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: Soccer tip

Shelby 427 Cobra -  Open

Deadline: 06/29/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: assemblable car model

Sloth Bust -  Open

Deadline: 09/30/2014
Project Total: $1.10
Description: I was wondering if anyone could help me make a bust of a sloth. Something that resembles one made in ancient Greek and Roman times, but with a sloth instead. I'm not sure what it should be wearing. In those busts something like a toga is used I think, but if a better idea is apparent I'm up for it. Also I would like it to be facing slightly to either the left or right and up a little bit. In a majestic sort of pose. I'm just wondering first how much it would cost me to get someone to make a model for me to use. Whether this can go forward is unsure at the moment, but I would really like to see this happen. That would be awesome.

Lol -  Open

Deadline: 04/30/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: desc

5 Panel Bracelet -  Open

Deadline: 05/06/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: First panel is text only bible scripture John 1:1, second panel birth of Christ manger scene, star etc.third panel is something that represents his life, fourth panel crucifixion, fifth panel resurrection

Modern Geometric Pendant W/customization -  Open

Deadline: 08/31/2014
Project Total: $220.00
Description: To manufacture custom 25mm x 25mm x 3mm pendants made of solid sterling silver or similar (but nothing too cheap or skin irritable). It needs to convey a very high fashion modern aesthetic; with a cosmetic finish that is polished, clean, sharp, and solid. I would need custom engraving as well, to allow a certain number of characters (i.e. solid letters and/or numbers) that wrap around the inner circle. Each one of these pendants will be unique based upon the engraving. The bail shown in the photos are different, and I'm open to suggestions to keep it simple and fresh. The end goal would be to manufacture and sell these pendants at a reasonable price-point as requested and/or ordered (through my own web site). There *could* be an initial run of 15-50, and ongoing orders will come in time, and will need to be finished ASAP as they're ordered. See last photo for final product idea. I'm looking for a price based on initial setup + cost per pendant made (including custom engraving) + turnaround time.

Heart Shaped Charm/pendant For A Necklace W/ Chinese Symbol -  Open

Deadline: 02/24/2014
Project Total: $55.00
Description: I'd like a heart shaped pendant for a necklace that incorporates the chinese symbol for love (see attachment). There is plenty of room for creativity and i look forward to working with you on making this an attractive gift for my wife.

Scale Modeling Of A Jeep Wrangler -  Open

Deadline: 02/19/2014
Project Total: $88.00
Description: the pictures i have attached should be enough to explain what i want, all i can say is this scale modeling should come in a 12 inch cubic space. ask me if you have any queries by mailing me at

Scale Modeling Of A Jeep Wrangler -  Open

Deadline: 02/19/2014
Project Total: $88.00
Description: the pictures i have attached should be enough to explain what i want, all i can say is this scale modeling should come in a 12 inch cubic space. ask me if you have any queries by mailing me at

Charmander Or Charizard Realistic Statue -  Open

Deadline: 04/30/2014
Project Total: $440.00
Description: Im looking for a price to have a pokemon scale model made of Charmander or Charizard. If you could please let me know the chance of this. Charmander is 2 foot tall charizard is 5 Foot.

Palaeogeographic Globe -  Open

Deadline: 03/31/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: We would like to have printed a hollow globe showing the tectonic plate positions and likely landscape (all generated from my companies very clever scientific work). The globe would be a promotional prize given away at a tradeshow but we would also want our clients to be able to order their own (on a revenue share basis).

Safety Cable Sales Demo -  Open

Deadline: 02/15/2014
Project Total: $1,100.00
Description: We need a large sales tool of our product. I would like each bolt to be 12" high. This will be used on our trade show booth.

Gaharu (agarwood) -  Open

Deadline: 11/16/2013
Project Total: $2,200.00
Description: The Art of "Wood of Gods" If you plan somethings unique we offer our creation from rare material called Agar Wood or Eagle Wood Resinous known as Wood of Gods. The “wood of gods” has been traded and highly appreciated for thousands of years. This resinous material has been used traditionally for centuries for many purposes there. A strong connection exist between use religion and curative properties, In ancient days, it’s recorded that Eagle wood was used for embalming dead bodies in Egypt and Japan, it is also used for traditional and religion ceremonies in India and Cambodia. The Sufis and Sikhs utilize agar wood for Meditation incense which could bring the energy to the center and calming the Soul and Mind. . All our creation use agar wood resinous material splanded with painting art as background. as you can see we creat Calligraphy, tribal, bird Regards, Yudi Amrullah Cell : 085832453792

Aluminum Corners -  Open

Deadline: 10/31/2013
Project Total: $110.00
Description: need to be able to order this unit in aluminum metal exactly the same just need i guess to create in 3d software it is very small piece the white background is business card

Perpetual Wheel -  Open

Deadline: 11/08/2013
Project Total: $220.00
Description: This was a wheel design for the physically disabled to be able to carry out other activities usign their hands

Costume Leg Covers -  Open

Deadline: 10/01/2013
Project Total: $110.00
Description: Looking to get some leg/knee covers made. If it's possible, let me know!

Bmw Starter Switch -  Open

Deadline: 09/21/2013
Project Total: $1,100.00
Description: I want to develop a starter switch for BMW series 3. the one i have cracked and i want other people to be able to customize theirs too. so i need an stl. file and a programmer for the custom options app.

Split Pot -  Open

Deadline: 09/10/2013
Project Total: $44.00
Description: Large flower pot designed to fit around a pole. 18.5" tall 20.5" diameter. More detailed pics and specs avail. upon request.

Chess Set -  Open

Deadline: 10/31/2014
Project Total: $0.00
Description: Staunton design. 4" King. Can be metal, weighted plastic or ?

Finger Pedal -  Open

Deadline: 12/31/2013
Project Total: $0.00
Description: Bring the comfort of the Finger Pedal to tattoo artists everywhere.

3d Figurines -  Open

Deadline: 07/07/2013
Project Total: $550.00
Description: Need a 3D modeller/designer to design different body parts for 3D figurines.

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