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  • morganeoin created a new topic Fix QuickBooks Error 15221 in 8 Steps in the forums.
    QuickBooks is one of the most famous accounting software to manage bills and payment. But sometimes QuickBooks shows some error code like QuickBooks Error 15221. If you are facing this error then contact experts to get quick help.
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  • fegongroup created a new topic Fegon Group | 8445134111 | Network Security in the forums.
    Fegon Group | network security is protection of the access to files and directories in a computer network against misuse and unauthorized changes to the system. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. Fegon Group, Sprint security professionals will keep watch over your network for you, so you and your team can focus on taking care of your business.

    Norton Products , Mcafee Products , Webroot Products
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  • Wire-IT Solutions | is one of the best internet and network security providers across the world and it offers best internet and network security services. Wire-IT Solutions, delivers all-inclusive IT security services to all enterprises. Companies are given technologies & customized services to protect against sophisticated cyber threats while conducting risk management. Wire-IT Solutions Group IT services are just a phone call away at 8443130904.

    Norton Products , Mcafee Products , Webroot Products
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  • Tek Wire | provides Security assessments and penetration testing services that help you understand which threats and vulnerabilities pose the most risks to your organization due to infrastructure gaps, peoples, environmental issues or third-party exposure. We Take Care Of Them For Secure Your Data, Laptop's and Computer's.

    Norton Products , Mcafee Products , Webroot Products
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  • AOI Tech SolutionsAOI Tech Solutions | it is imperative that you get world class service from Tech Support, Internet Service, Network Services, Tech Support. We pride our self on our ability to effectively manage all your IT support issues of all our clients ranging from small to medium enterprises in The USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

    Norton Products , Mcafee Products , Webroot Products
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  • MS Outlook send/receive issue is one of the most intricate glitches that can put a halt on users to send or receive outlook emails. This technical error can irritate Outlook users, when they are unable to send or receive emails. If you are encountering by this error from a long time, you can call at Outlook Technical Support Phone Number to get connected with live technicians to get the permanent remedies for this type of error. This complicated problem can take place due to many reasons. Our technical support professionals will guide you step by step for resolving this issue without difficulty.
    Visit here: Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Office
    Office 365 Support
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  • jacksonwilliamson created a new topic Toll free number for email problems in the forums.
    you are using Email and facing any type of issue, then just need to pick up your phone and dial +1 866 501 0503 to contact Gmail Customer Care connect with the best team of technical support and get email without any hassle. Call them anytime of the day for instant help. For more information visits@ Email helpline, Email support, Gmail phone number, Aol support number, Hotmail customer service, Email Password Recovery, Yahoo Support Number, ATT email support, Gmail Support Number, Yahoo Support Number, AOL Support number, Email Support Number, AOL Support, Aol support for email, Aol support Number, Aol Password Recovery, AOL mail password reset
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  • jacksonwilliamson
    you are using Email and facing any type of issue, then just need to pick up your phone and dial +1 866 501 0503 to contact Email Customer Care Help connect with the best team of technical support and get email without any hassle. Call them anytime of the day for instant help. For more information visits@

    Also Check List :-

    Gmail customer care tollfree number |
    Yahoo Cu
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  • Camismith1000 created a new topic How to Watch The Oscars 2020 Live in the forums.
    The Academy Awards, most popularly known as the Oscars are presented by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences every year to encourage and recognize the artistic and technical merit of people related to film making. The Oscars give international recognition to the talent and prowess of people who are associated with the art of film making. The Oscars are offered in various categories of film making at a grand ceremony. This year also there are several nominees in many categories who are eagerly waiting for the day when the final winners will be announced. So, the nominees are all set to be announced on Monday, 13th January 2020. The nominees will be announced by John Cho and Issa Rae in two-part.

    Source url:-
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  • The American software company ‘Symantec’ has developed a disk cloning and backup tool by the name of Norton Ghost. People use it to create back-ups for their entire hard-drive so that it could be recovered anytime. It comes into a great use in the case of moving your data into a new system or a hardware failure.

    Features of Norton Ghost
    Norton Ghost ensures fast, efficient, and the most secure backups. Some of the most highlighted features of Norton Ghost are:

    You can back up large amounts of data to High Capacity. You can store up to 50GB per disc.
    Rather than saving the entire drive, Norton Ghost gives you an option to choose the files and folders that you want it to backup.
    It offsite backup feature copies recovery point to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management.
    It automatically compresses files to allow us to store more files in less space.
    In one view, you can see all scheduled backups and the degree of backup protection for your each computer drive.
    Norton Ghost comes with the feature of advanced encryption which helps to keep your files safe from any kind of threats.
    You can back up your file to almost any media, including Blue-Ray disc, DVD+R/RW drives, network drives, lomega Zip and Jaz drives, etc.
    Read Also >> Top 5 Features of Norton Antivirus

    Installation of Norton Ghost
    While the process of installing Norton Ghost is very simple, people do complain that while doing it on Windows 7, it shows up some error. Let’s understand how we can install Norton Ghost on Windows 7.

    Find the link from the Google to download “Windows ADK” first. It is the only required version to support the Ghost solution.
    Now you can run adksetup.exe file and select a location to install.
    You can either opt in or out of the windows program. Now accept the Windows agreement on the next screen.
    The software would ask you the features that you would want to install. You can check the boxes according to the features that fit your needs.
    Only when Windows ADK has finished installing, go ahead and install Norton Ghost.
    Use your account dashboard at and download Ghost solution suite and Ghost solution file HF5.exe files.
    You can run the application of Ghost solution and select “Extract and Execute App”.
    After this, the setup.exe file will run automatically. You will come across four options to install Ghost. You can select whichever you like out of Simple install (which places all the Ghost solution server components – Ghost Solution Suite Server, , Ghost Solution Suite Share, Ghost Solution Suite Console and Ghost Solution Suite Database – on the same computer), Custom install (lets you distribute all the server components on different computers), Thin client install (it lets you install the thin client view of the Ghost solution suite console on your computer), or Component Install (it lets you add selected Ghost Solution Suite Server Components).
    You can select the location for the software to be installed. You would be required to go for the username and password selection which is critical to software to run it successfully.
    You can then install SQL server and restart the Ghost setup.
    You can continue on with the installation process.
    It might take a while but the installation would complete and you can select “finish” once the process has completed.
    Uninstall Norton Ghost
    Go to programs and features and type there, “uninstall a program.” You will get the option and you can click on it.
    Look for Norton Ghost in the list. Click on it and then click uninstall to initiate the uninstallation.
    The uninstallation will be done in a few minutes.
    Have you ever used Norton Ghost? Share its experience .
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  • jarolherrera created a new topic How to Download and Install Office? in the forums. – Office Installation is easy and yet the most complex thing for some. Here we are to guide you through some easy ways to Install and Setup Office.

    To Setup, a complete Office package just follow our steps.
    Visit or from your browser.
    You can use your favorite browser. Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla.
    Once the page loads, a page that says “Hello. Let’s get your Office” will appear.
    Now you can use this page to Sign In to your Microsoft Account.
    You can always create a new account if you do not already have a Microsoft Account.
    Once you are done with the Sign In, You will now be on the next step, where you need to put in your Product key, Country and Language.
    Country and Language are usually auto-selected as per the product key.
    After you click next, You product key will be verified and if the product key is right, you will be guided to a page where you can do a lot, You can manage your subscriptions, buy new ones or simply use the old ones.
    There will be an option to Download Office setup, That says Install Office. Click that. You will be guided to Installation Information Page.
    Now you can Hit Install and the download will start.
    Once the Download finishes, Run the file and the Office will be installed Automatically.
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  • rokulink created a new topic Sling TV Not Working |+ 1-855-979-6456 | in the forums.
    Sling TV provides you an extraordinary experience of viewing TV as it is highly compatible with streaming devices such as Roku. Roku users can watch various channels and services at the same time and enjoy watching it. If you are facing problems while connecting sling TV with Roku device and after performing basic troubleshooting steps still, facing Sling TV Not Working issue that means this issue needs to be fixed and it can be done easily with the help of experts for instant resolution go get disposal of the problem just give a call at +1-855-979-6456 anytime.
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  • blairlennon2019 created a new topic Antivirus Support in the forums. is one of the most reliable antiviruses program known to the world. Get the ultimate security for your PC at Download, install and activate Norton antivirus at .Download the Office setup file on and install it on your system. Enter the product key on to activate your product.
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  • Nepal is one of the most popular natural wonders on the earth, which is popularly known as a natural paradise. It is specially known for a natural attraction on the earth. If you are planning to celebrate honeymoon in Nepal, we are the best traveling company in Nepal and offering customized Nepal Honeymoon PackagesNepal Honeymoon Packages for newly married couples. If you are a newly married couple and have small budget, our affordable packages can suit your needs and budget. So, don’t delay and choose online booking option to get the best deals in the affordable prices.
    Visit us:
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