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Fire Glazed Ceramic


Machine: Z Corporation Z Printer
Materials: Alumina silica glazed
Layer thickness: 0.1 mm
Accuracy: 3.0% shrinkage on firing, some warping may occur
File format: STL
Turnaround time: 10 business days from Figulo to customer
Design Rules
Size of Pieces

Minimum bounding box sum: X + Y + Z dimensions = 120 mm
Maximum bounding box sum: X + Y + Z dimensions = 400 mm
Minimum fill per cent > 5.0%
Walls and Features

For bounding box size 120 mm < X+Y+Z < 200 mm wall thickness 3.0 mm
For bounding box size 201mm < X+Y+Z < 300 mm wall thickness 4.0 mm
For bounding box size 301 mm < X+Y+Z < 400 mm wall thickness 6.0 mm
Maximum wall thickness 15.0 mm
Minimum feature size: 2.0 mm
Minimum radii for corners: 2.0 mm
Minimum feature opening size: 5.0 mm
Other Design Guidelines

• Try to avoid thick to thin structures (necking).

• Enclosed areas might not have glaze applied.

• Minimum wall thicknesses are a guide only for large pieces walls should be thicker.

• Glazing reduces the definition of features in the piece.

• Joining faces should have a radius of 2.0 mm.

• Thin struts cannot be attached to large unsupported sections

• Large sections should be lower in the part.

•Cantilevered struts should be less than 20.0 mm long.

•No moving parts.

•Part must have an obvious base.

•For hollow parts the part must have an opening for powder removal that is at least 10 mm diameter.


•Minumum point size for raised text 36 point or 12.7 mm (0.5 inch)

•Minimum point size for engraved text 60 point or 21.2 mm (0.83 inch)

Material Specifications
Strength: medium, brittle
Flexibility: none
Details: low
Texture: rough for unglazed, smooth, to satin to glossy for glazed pieces (depends on glaze)
Transparency: opaque for white
Food safe: yes
Heat resistant: yes
Recyclable: yes
Watertight: yes
Material notes: 
Due to the nature of glazing some geometries may cause uneven distribution of the glaze on pieces because the glaze flows at firing temperatures. The glaze will add thickness to features on pieces. The glaze can add up to 1.5 mm of thickness to the piece. An example of this is the bottom of the inside of a cup where the glaze will be thicker than on the sides. The glazes used by Figulo are food safe.

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