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Masonic Working Tools

by collective_d

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Design Overview:

These are the standard Working Tools for a Freemason. There is about .017 (+/-.005) inches of material shrinking when printing in metal. This is why you will hear other designers recommend getting one size larger. I accounted for this shrinking in my design so that the resulting ring will be the right Ring Size. Note - this ring is narrow at .about .25 (1/4) Inches wide.

Use the Personalize button on the right to enter in your requested Ring Size. Available sizes range from a 5 to 13.

I purchased this in Stainless Steel first to get an understanding of the form and fit of 3D Printed Ring. Although it looks amazing and has this antique look to it, the Ring tends to brown my skin. Because of this, I recommend getting Silver or Gold Plated Brass.

Ring Size Chart:

Production Information

I've made some changes to the ring and exaggerated the working tools more so they're easier to see. A friend has purchased a ring in Gold Plated Brass and as soon as he gets it, I will post additional pictures.

Product Designer:

This Ring was designed by me, Darren Hartenstine. If you're curious why a Masonic Ring in my mix of Products - well, I'm a Freemason and wanted a ring that embodied my ambition and drive in becoming a better man. In the spirit of masonry, how better than designing it myself using the tools of modern times.

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