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ROKU.COM LINK ACTIVATION COD | Roku Com Link Code 3 Years, 3 Months ago message  
Roku, a name that everyone knows across the country, is not simply any brand that is famous due to sole marketing or advertising but earned its fame by innovating the streaming products available in the market. The innovation of a product is not a simple task as various dimensions are to be looked after like feasibility, non-deviation, workability and most importantly, it should not change the product so much that it should not be overdoing it. The ultimate selling point of a Roku device is the simple user interface it sports. The operation of the device is buttery-smooth and as a whole, your TV will feel as fluid as possible. Use the to verify the Roku activation code after which you can start streaming your favorite contents right away.

What are some of the products by Roku available in market?
We can split the available products into 3 categories.

1. Roku streaming devices

2. Roku TV

3. And the Roku accessories

Roku streaming devices
These are one of the notable products from the company that boosted the streaming device market in the country. Many of the customers who subscribe to a cable service religiously changed to cord-cutters because of the Roku streaming devices they’ve got. You can use the same to verify all these Roku devices.

Some of the famous Roku streaming devices are as follows.

Roku 1


Streaming stick/streaming stick+

Roku 2

Roku premier/premier +


Roku 3

Roku 4

Right now there are only a few variants on the TV line up. The most popular ones are,

Roku TV HD

Roku TV 4K

The available accessories for the Roku devices are

Roku TV voice remote

2GB microSD card

The Roku accessories available under the audio section are,

Roku premier in-ear headphones (2 variants)

Wireless speaker swivel mounts

Wireless speaker stands

Roku touch tabletop remote

The Roku accessories available for the streaming devices are,

A USB cable with an advanced wireless receiver

Voice remote

Gaming remote

Enhanced voice remote

There are a lot of accessories under development that can complement your Roku TV or your Roku streaming stick better.

Why a Roku device?
You discovering Roku might be a great chance to get rid of the traditional cable and dive into your personal world of entertainment. The vast and diverse platform that the device sports, simple UI that compliments the streaming capabilities, the fluidity of the software, the cost factor of the device and a lot more makes this a beast of a device.

The channel selection of the service is vast and handpicked. This filters all the filler content and puts the necessary ones on the list. You can still customize the channels on your home screen accordingly.

The service is designed in such a way that, you just pay for what you see. If you feel like you don’t use the cable that much, you should consider getting a Roku. Most of all, the factor that influences most of the customers is the fact that there is a Roku product for everyone. You can get a high-end futuristic model and also a basic version that strips off all the luxury from the product. But neither of them compensates for the efficiency and the performance of what it does. Simply visit to activate your Roku account.

How to Setup a Roku Device using
Setting up of a Roku device can be simple, provided you’ve all the ingredients sorted out. Simply try to be calm while performing your setup so there is no window for errors during the process.

Follow the steps below to complete the Roku device setup using

Unbox the streaming device from the package and layout all the necessary cables before handed.

The idea is to connect the Roku streaming device to the TV and then your device to the wall socket.

There are two different inputs available on the TV.


Composite cables

You can use either of these methods to connect the streaming devices to the TV.

Just make sure you choose the right ports to connect the device.

If you are using a 4K streaming device then you need an HDMI 2.0 port that supports HDCP 2.2

If you are using an older TV, then simply connect the composite cables to the appropriate ports.

As different devices support different modes of connection, make sure that you choose one according to your TV.

Once you connect the streaming device to the TV, connect the device to your wall socket using an adaptor.

Power the devices.

Now, select the right input on your TV to launch your Roku device.

Once you see the Roku logo on your screen, you can identify that the initial setup is successful.

Acquiring the Roku Activation Code and Verifying it on
After the device launches, you have to select the language for your device.

Make sure to choose the right language as this is the one that the device uses to interact with you.

After you select the language, proceed to set the basic preferences like date, time, region and anything that the device asks.

From here, you just have to follow the instructions on your screen.

Now, you’ve to connect the device to a wireless network.

A list of available networks will load up that are in your device’s range.

Choose the right network and enter the password for the network.

Use the shift key on the screen to change the case of the alphabets.

Once you’ve established an internet connection, the software updates will initiate.

Allow the device to download the updates as this is necessary for the device to work properly.

After the updates, the device will restart to apply the changes made.

After the restart, you will see a page where an activation code will display.

Make sure to note down the activation code on a notepad as precisely as possible.

Verifying the Activation Code using
Open up the browser on your laptop or smartphone.

Now visit using the browser.

You will see a space for you to enter the activation code, do so.

After you enter the activation code, click on submit.

It will take a few seconds for the codes to verify.

Once the verification of the code is successful, you will get a popup message indicating the successful activation of an account.

You can now proceed to sign in or signup the Roku account.

If you have existing credentials, proceed with the sign in or else do the other thing.

Once you are in, you can add the channels you want on your Roku device by simply surfing through the list.

After you’ve added all the required channels, proceed to complete the payment for those channels.

You can set your credit card or your PayPal account to proceed with the transaction.

After you complete the transaction, you can see the list of channels loading up on your TV.

You can start streaming the contents right away on your Roku device.

What are the TV Channels available on the Roku platform?
There are almost 3000 channels available on the Roku platform across various genres. These include both the free channels and the paid subscription. The following list contains some of the most popular channels across the streaming platform.


Prime Video

Plex TV

PBS kids

Disney XD

Hulu TV


Sling TV

Pluto TV

ITV hub

Google play TV and movies

Apple TV

Playstation Vue


These are some of the best channels that are available across the platform.

Additional values
Enhanced point anywhere remote is one of the practical upgrades from the standard IR remote that is available in the market. The remote connects to the device on WiFi and works as long as the device is connected to the network.

The Roku mobile app is also a lot helpful if you own a Roku device. You can simply add the channels to your device using the application. You can also use the smartphone as your remote for the Roku device.

The Roku TV that has an inbuilt Roku skin is highly efficient as a whole. You can simply connect an antenna to your Roku TV by connecting the 75-ohm coaxial cable to your TV input. The inbuilt capacity to detect an antenna when connected increases the device’s workability. You can also connect various other devices like the Gamebox, Playstation, Blu-ray, and a lot more. Connect it with a pair of wireless speakers and you have created the perfect entertainment hub.

Disclaimer: is an independent firm providing third party services. We disclaims for any usage of copywriting content or images from official sites. We took an oath to work towards engineering excellence that we achieve by providing solutions to our customers at the right time in the right place. Please abide by the rules and regulations before you access the service offered by us, to better help you with the situation.

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