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Frequently Asked Questions regarding 3d printing, functionality and additive manufacturing technology.
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TOPIC: 3D Print Shipping Rates and Details
3D Print Shipping Rates and Details 10 Years, 11 Months ago message Karma: 10
What shipping Services does Kraftwurx use?

Kraftwurx uses both United States Postal Service,(USPS) and United Postal Service (UPS).

Does Kraftwurx ship internationally?

Yes Kraftwurx does ship internationally., Kraftwurx operates a network of over 600 3d printing production facilities world wide. Orders are shipped from a facility closes to the customer when possible.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates are based on the location of the 3d printing facility producing the order in relation to the customer's location. Kraftwurx operates a network of various production facilities around the globe. Orders are produced at the closest 3d printing facility to the customer, reducing costs when possible, therefore shipping rates are not fixed.

If an order contains more than one type of material, it is possible the different material parts will be 3d printed at different facilities, increasing shipping costs.

How are Kraftwurx's 3d printed products packaged for shipping?

Kraftwurx's network of production facilities have over 20 years of experience in packaging 3d printed parts. Our production facilities follow a strict set of guidelines for shipping in order to prevent any breakage of 3d printed parts during shipping. Each material is package and shipped differently depending on the fragility and durability of the part.

For example, Stainless Steel parts are sealed in plastic bags and placed into a large box filled with packing peanuts. Delicate casting wax is carefully packed with cotton, sealed in a metal tin can, then finally placed into a box with packing peanuts.

What should I do if my 3d print order is delivered broken?

Kraftwurx strives to complete all 3d print at the highest quality possible, however we cannot guarantee all shapes will survive 3d printing, post processing or shipping intact. We will always inform the customer if an order breaks during printing or post processing and work with them to correct the problem.

If your order arrives broken or otherwise damaged. Please photograph the broken parts or damage. Email the photos along with a short description of the damage to A member of the Kraftwurx staff will contact you shortly with a resolution. The photos will help our staff to determine how the damage might have occurred and possibly prevent future breakage.

If you have any questions not listed here, please email a member of our staff with answer your questions as soon as possible.
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