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Mechanical designer
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TOPIC: Mechanical designer
Mechanical designer 8 Years, 11 Months ago message Karma: 0
Hello Kraftwurx,

It's been a while since I posted here, but I have had a good experience with Shapeways community so I am offering
my skills again. My field is mechanical engineering, and I have been doing freelance product design for a few years now.
Products have been done for both individuals and companies, I don't mind working under NDA or giving you the copyright for the design.

Although I have done a very broad range of products, I enjoy mechanical design the most. I have designed products
from rings to objects that went into the space. One thing I can't do is character design, so don't bother asking quotes for that,
there are plenty of talented designers on this forums who specialize in character design.
For everything else, I will be happy to talk with you about your project.

My hourly rate is $20 and I will make your product from your sketch, pictures, technical drawings ready to 3D print in the material of your choice
or the one that is suitable for the project. Most projects are done with a fixed price, if project will take longer time to complete we will make a deal. Payments via Paypal. Send me a private message here or on my email, which is shown on the bottom of the post, to get a quote on your project.
If you have some questions about 3D printing and designing for 3D printing without wanting me to hire, that's okay, feel free to send me an email or PM here and I will help.

I am having my portfolio website built, so I will put some of my past work below. Since I worked on many different kind of products I tried to give you a
good insight of broad range of products I worked on.

Scaled Models of vehicles and trains

1/64 RSD Shell

Client sent me a 1/64 scale model of his train via post office. My job was to replicate the design, do some modifications and have it printed.
It was designed for Frosted material due train being very detailed.

1/144 Mobile lounge

This was for a client I have a lengthy undergoing business relationship with. We are designing Ground support vehicles for airport in
3 scales, 1/200, 144 and 1/72. These vehicles are unique because they feature working mechanisms which mimic the ones in reality.
For example, one of our latest vehicles is the beltloader which is used for loading luggage in / out of the planes.
Here are pictures of beltloader showing 2 different position of the belt: driving position and loading position.
Belt is locked with a pin to remain at loading position.


Gym wheel

I have worked with an ex gymnastic world champion who got her medal doing an act using a gym wheel. She wanted to have it done in 3D
and print necklaces using the design. She gave me technical drawings so I was able to make a very accurate model. It was printed in different sizes
and materials like Stainless steel and silver.

Rings and pendants

Here is an album which consists of rings and pendants I have done. Usually I get the sketch or a picture from a client of the main feature of the product. For example, a celtic knot for the ring. Sometimes I get request for jewelry that requires organic or surface modelling. Once again, that is not my thing. If you are not sure if I can do your model or not, send me a message.

Mechanical Design

[U] Clamping device [U]

This was done for a company that manufacturers automotive parts. They needed a clamping device to hold there items in place while a robotic hands bolts 2 parts together. One of the rare occasions I have done a project in Catia because that's what company required. The final design is under NDA, pictures shows a Catia screenshot of a prototype version. This wasn't 3D printed, but manufactured using traditional manufacturing technologies.


This was actually my first project I have done for a Shapeways member, almost 3 years ago. Although design is pretty much straightforward it has a
meaning for me since it introduced me into the world of 3D printing design and was the first step on my path become a mechanical designer.
Client's nozzle broke of a turning device, it was used to control oil's pressure, and company offered him a replacement one for $200. He decided to use 3D printing and he found me on Shapeways forums. I was able to get it correct on the first try, and the cost of my design work and printing price was under $100. Also done in Catia.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

Hopefully this will you enough information on what I can design for you.

My email is:

Looking forward to working with you!


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