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According to Wikipedia, during the 2000s, Über became known as a synonym for super due to games and gamers excessively using the word. We chose Kraftwü because we wanted to convey that Kraftwürx, like the word Über (which translates to over, above, beyond) is the best or ultimate Customization Site on the internet. Kraftwürx was born out of conversations in 2003-2004. We initially talked about a way to make truly custom class rings and allow students to design their own products in 3D, like playing a video game. We were so narrow minded. In 2006 we filed a patent called Made-To-Order Digital Manufacturing Enterprise. Its a fancy way of saying we had the idea to combine 3D models, 3D printing, the internet and some fancy software to automate how and where products get made, just like in a traditional factory but more like the Matrix movie where everything happens virtually! We knew we were on to something and we may not have been first to market but Kraftwurxs IS the next generation of made-to-Order products designed by you! We've gone to great pains to make your shopping experience, your selling experience, your manufacturing experience and your product experience as enjoyable as possible. Some of the things we offer include a way to send us your item even broken items and we can reproduce it for you. We can also add your item to our database and every time it sells, you get paid! Another great feature is co-create. If you don't know how to design something, ask for help and team-up with a designer to turn your idea into a 3D product and sell it to the world. Share, create, sell...we like to call it Infinite Possibilities! We thought it was a great idea and we hope you will too!


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