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This will be the first blog entry that I have had time to write in months. I thought I might start off with a a primer on what changes we have already implemented at Kraftwurx and what changes are coming soon. Major Improvements to the 3D viewer. We are now able to display Texture maps in-browser and you can change the orientation after upload. This is extremely useful if you have an issue where the map gets inverted. Axis Change. you can change the axis of your model so that it rotates correctly. Sometimes models imported spin strangely and you can now change that. Materials changes: We are up to 70 materials not including colors. We just added Glazed Ceramics. They are available in more than 7 colors. Assembly system: Although not polished, you may now upload and build an assembly made of many 3D printed parts that together make a product. This means that you can sell an assembly and have all parts delivered like a kit to your customer OR you can have all parts shipped to you for assembly before sending to your customer. Great changes are about to come about to the site itself. A Major Facelift is coming along with improved functionality to the entire site. Look forward to the custom section receiving special attention. You will be able to reach out to the entire community to hire designers to model your work. You can do this now but its a bit of trouble. Personalization: We are getting very close to launching our entire customization system. When it will be a huge step in the world of personalization. With these changes we expect to see a new round of enthusiasm to the site. Rendering. We are now rendering your products so that even if you do not upload an image, even your private models will have an image to help sort them out. Private Stores are coming. You asked for it, we are going to deliver. Private stores, not branded so that you can sell your products online on your own branded store. Many other changes and improvements: Everyone stay tuned, exciting things are brewing.

Chris Norman, CEO


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