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My eleven year old son Kyle has been around me a lot during the creation of Digital Reality and Kraftwurx since we first started this venture in 2006. He expressed an interest in 3D and has even learned Solidworks at 9 years old!

We all know that we have a duty to educate the younger generations and Kraftwurx wants to be a part of providing education for future generations too. That is why we are announcing the launch of Kidwurx, a new section of our website run by Kyle Norman. This segment is intended to bring the ideas behind 3D printing and CAD down to the level that kids can understand. Kyle will literally be taking charge of the early part of how this part of the website will be set up. He promises to ensure that his grades won't suffer and I'll be sure to enforce it but how can you refuse someone who has shown to be just as interested in this as he is.

Look for his blog beginning next week and the roll-out of the new sections of the site soon afterward.


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