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3D Printing Community: Building The Krafters of Tomorrow PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to Kraftwurx. I want to personally welcome you to the website. Its been a very long road to get here indeed. In 2004, I stumbled upon a website called "Customatix" or was a precursor to Nike ID. I was intrigued by the idea of marrying CAD with a website to allow everyone to "customize their own products in a WYSIWYG fashion, similar to the way Vista Print, Cafe Press and Zazzle do with 2D printing.

It took just two years to formulate a business plan and file patent protections for a completely new way to process orders and make products for consumers. It wasn't the customers making the products that was the challenge at the time, it was how to handle 10's of thousands of 3D models flowing through a website at once and how to keep it all organized that we focused on.

From those ideas and patents emerged Digital Factory, based on our Made-To-Order Digital Manufacturing Enterprise system. Its the culmination of a lot of work and the end result is a great way to empower consumers for mass-customization and empower manufacturing to deliver it!

We hope that you enjoy the site and and look forward to seeing you all on


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