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5 Ways to create ANYTHING PDF Print E-mail

Tcolor-sm.jpghere are really 5 ways to use Digital Reality's services. First we offer a marketplace and online community for you to buy and sell truly unique products. We've designed our entire site around giving you the ability to get involved not only in design but also in communicating with others to help us all develop new ways to use our services.

First and foremost, we give you the ability to upload and sell your ideas. Design it in 3D and sell it online. If you don;t know how to design, you can team up with a designer and you will both own the idea and product and split profits for sales on that item. Third, we offer a mail-in service that allows you to send us broken parts and we can recreate them for you. Bets of all, if its valuable, you can have us store the model for sale and let you earn money every time it sells to someone else! We also offer the ability for bureaus to sign up and make our products (distributed manufacturing) and finally, we provide the community with support and education.

One of the coolest things we have in store for the community is our bureau sign-up and bid system. So you have a 3D printer or a bureau? Well increase your revenue by creating an account and bidding to produce products available for sale in our community. Its the distributed manufacturing portion of our Made-To-Order Digital Manufacturing Enterprise patent. Browse and bid by category, produce what you are best at and provide a service to our customers, make money and help grow the market for rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing in the most amazing ways.

We're especially proud of our belief that if you provide a truly innovative way for people to shop for and buy products that better meet their individual tastes, preferences and needs that the products we make will simply sell themselves...


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