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color-sm.jpg Turning ideas into products is super easy. That's why we've not only enabled pro-sumers (consumers with 3D CAD design talent) along with consumer methods to design products. Using the co-creator you can turn your ideas reality by teaming up with someone that can help you design your product for manufacturing using our technology. Our vision is really to make the technology transparent to the end user. You don't really care about how we do what we do, just that you can do cool things here you could never do elsewhere. That's our goal and our promise. To empower you, the consumer to get involved in designing your very own products that are as unique as you are. We truly bring low-cost custom products to market. What comes next will blow your mind. Kraftwurx created a new idea and brought it to life. We're the leading edge in the next Industrial revolution - democratized manufacturing where products are made directly from 3D models. Learn about our ideas and our people. We're passionate about one thing, giving people the creative freedom they have always had and allowing them to share it with the world.


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