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Affordable 3D Printing Can Fix Household Items PDF Print E-mail

Affordable 3D printing is great for a number of reasons. It can help you visualize new and one-of-a-kind products, lead to a successful and lucrative business, and allow you to make handy, lightweight tools and prototypes for use in sales—but it doesn’t stop there. A 3D printer can actually be used around the house, too!

It’s true—affordable 3D printing can make household fixes and projects simple, fast and easy on the pocketbook. Here are just a few items you can repair with 3D printing:

  • Appliances—Create gears, small mechanical devices and other components for your vacuum, dishwasher, washing machine, printer or other in-home appliances and machines.
  • ElectronicsAffordable 3D printing also allows you to create custom circuit boards, wiring and other electronic elements that can be used to fix lamps, clocks, fans, game systems and more.
  • Furniture—Knobs and cabinet pulls can be prone to breaking, especially if you’ve had them a while. With a 3D printer, this is an easy fix. Just compile design data for the knob or handle (or create a completely new design!), print it out and replace the part on your furniture.
  • Tools—Missing a drill bit? Lose a button on your leaf blower? Affordable 3D printing can help with this too. Use it to create small replacement parts, buttons and pieces, and you’ll have your tools functioning in no time.
  • Car—All too often, car owners are sent to specialty body shops or dealerships after a wreck, since parts for their vehicles are limited. A 3D printer circumvents this process and allows you to create any small part or component your car may need, right from the comfort of your own home.

Want to use affordable 3D printing to your advantage around the house? Contact Kraftwurx today at 281-256-9737 or join our online community at


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