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It’s true: 3D printers are changing the way commerce works. No longer must companies build expensive manufacturing plants, hire numerous laborers or purchase acres of storage space for inventory in order to produce a product. Now, thanks to 3D printers, the whole process is as simple as uploading a file and clicking “send.” And while this ease of use is a big plus to most companies, the advantages of 3D printers don’t stop there. In fact, a number of other benefits exist that can be downright game-changing for companies that need products, parts or small components manufactured. Read on to learn more!

Advantages of 3D Printers

When you choose to use a 3D printer over more traditional manufacturing methods, the list of resulting benefits is quite long. From significant cost savings and faster production times to more creative freedom and a decreased carbon footprint, there is no shortage of advantages with this manufacturing method.


Some of the benefits of 3D printers you could enjoy include:

  • Reduced overhead costs. A 3D printer reduces your overhead costs significantly, and in more ways than one. First, it cuts down on material costs. Instead of using a big block of plastic, metal or other material and cutting the product out of it (subtractive manufacturing,) you’re able to use only the materials absolutely necessary for the build (additive manufacturing). This not only cuts your upfront costs for materials, it also reduces the funds you’d normally spend on transporting and disposing of that waste.


A 3D printer also basically eliminates your labor costs. While you do need someone to design the product and send it to the printer, that’s about it. You don’t need someone to pull parts off conveyor belts and put components together; it’s all done quickly and seamlessly via the printer.

  • Greater creativity. This is one of the best advantages of 3D printers. Unlike with traditional manufacturing methods, you’re not limited by your workforce or the machines you’re using. A 3D printer lets you create virtually anything you can imagine. Use any plastic, metal, ceramic, glass or alloy material you want, and get creative with colors, intricate details or anything else your product requires.
  • Faster product delivery. The 3D printing process can be completed anywhere in the world as long as a printer is available. That means you can produce your products locally, right where your customers live. For example, if a product is ordered in Canada, a 3D printing facility in Canada can receive your product design, print it out and ship it from there. Then you don’t have to pay costly shipping or customs fees, and your customer gets the product quickly, easily and affordably.
  • Creation of small-scale, lightweight models and prototypes. Many products are just too large or bulky to take on sales calls. Unfortunately, that can make closing deals difficult. Buyers want to see and feel a product before they invest in it; otherwise, it’s just not worth the risk. Thankfully, this is yet another area where a 3D printer can help. With one, you can easily and quickly produce detailed, to-scale models and prototypes of larger products, parts and components. Then your team can take them on sales calls, to pitch meetings and more to ensure they make that sale.


Do you want to enjoy these advantages of 3D printers at your company? Then join Kraftwurx today. We’ll help you create the product or prototype you need quickly and inexpensively. For more information, call 281-256-9737.


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