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How Wax 3D Printing Works | Kraftwurx PDF Print E-mail

Learn about Wax 3D Printing at Kraftwurx

3D printing encompasses a wide range of manufacturing techniques and technologies. There are more than 25 types of 3D printing technologies in use today. Kraftwurx offers wax 3D printing or wax growing (as it is called in the industry) to create wax patterns for the lost wax investment casting process. Invented in Egypt, lost wax is the same technique used for the past 2000 years to create jewelry. The difference is that today, 3D cad models are used to directly print the model for casting.

Wax Printing Process

A wax 3D printer is commonly used for creating jewelry, artwork and other metal items. It’s also great for the rapid prototyping of products, as well as short-run manufacturing. Wax printers grow the wax or wax-like model from the ground up layer-by-layer to create the part. The was model is encased in investment and heated in a furnace. In the furnace, the wax model is vaporized (lost), leaving a hollow cavity. The molten metal is poured into the hollow space left behind. Once cooled, the investment is removed, leaving the finished cast metal part.

Here’s how you can create wax models for casting:

  • Create a 3D CAD model of the art you want to cast from the prototype wax and produce.
  • Upload the 3D model to Kraftwurx and received a quote for production.
  • Kraftwurx quote system provides a real-time quote and 3D model for you to view in the browser.
  • Set the scale of the part and make a purchase.
  • Kraftwurx immediately send your part into production.
  • Upon completion, the 3D printed wax part is shipped safely to you for casting OR let Kraftwurx cast it for you in one of more than a dozen metals.

Start Wax 3D Printing Today

If you are interested in wax 3D printing and rapid prototyping for your manufacturing needs? Contact Kraftwurx at 281-256-9737 or join our online 3D printing community today!


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