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Digital Factory 

online 3D printing

Join the Kraftwurx online 3D printing network, Instantly connect with customers!

Kraftwurx makes it easy to fill available additive manufacturing capacity through Digital Factory - an online 3D platform designed for sourcing 3D printing to the world’s top Additive Fabrication companies-like yours. We bring you the customers you want, with an ERP-style sourcing management system that’s easy to use and with automated billing, shipping & order management. We’ve made it easy for you to focus on your bottom line.

Simply sign up, tell us about your capabilities and start receiving pre-validated orders that match your capabilities with click it - print it - ship it simplicity. We've made it easy to grow with us.

Click it. Print it. Ship it.


Bureaus will find our system super easy to use for 3D part print management and automated production management plus notifications.


Our system includes familiar and intuitive interfaces that make Digital Factory super easy to use. No surprises and easy to learn.


Digital Factory features Click it - print it - Ship it simplicity for reviewing, accepting and shipping 3D printing orders worldwide.


Digital Factory provides database downloads and easy to understand metrics to help you manage your success with us.


Embed your own 3D file upload and checking utility to automate order quoting and sales with 200MB uploads and zip files accepted.


Our Patented and Patent-Pending automated part marking solution which makes order tracking in high-mix production easy to manage.

Stage Shot

Stage Shot provides Photo-Realistic renderings of all 3D models with materials and textures approximating the look of photography.

Smart Grid

Our Patented and Patent Pending system creates a global network of 3D Printing facilities like yours. Join Kraftwurx and let's Print the Planet!

Digital Factory

Factory of the Future™

Digital Factory is a purpose built enterprise software solution for the additive fabrication industry. We’re working dilligently to embrace 3D printing and Digital Manufacturing and help grow the industry together with our OE industry partners and the growing install-base of facilities dedicated to digital manufacturing.

Digital Manufacturing will revolutionize product development and manufacturing and Digital Factory will empower manufacturing to deliver it.

Artificial Intelligence

Additive Layer Manufacturing requires new techniques to efficiently automate process planning and design for manufacturing. Digital Factory™ includes artificial intelligence to analyze critical issues including; build orientation, surface finish, build time, costs, waste, location and other parameters to optimize the process.

Digital Factory uses patented and patent pending technology to automate the Just-In-Time manufacturing process in a globally distributed on-demand manufacturing network.

US Patent 8,515,826 and Patents Pending 13/374,062, 13/134,581, 11/750,499, 60/747,601 & 20110313878

Orders find you with Kraftwurx

We bring real sales leads and customers to your company with instant orders from buyers locally and globally, ho have an immediate need for your services and products. Let your account managers and sales team focus on managing your business while we bring work to you. Our patented Digital Factory solution manages orders and workflow, pre-validates models for printing and maximizes your printer utilization with more parts per build.

Translate into Different Languages

Digital Factory uses Google Translate for system interfaces and front-end displays to customers. With over 50 languages available, Digital Factory can be used around the globe by anyone to accept and process Additive Manufacturing Orders. We also translate the front end of the system for clients and retail customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital Factory™ is an environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing system that reduces pollution by reducing waste in manufacturing. Through Digital manufacturing and Just-In-Time production, we’re moving engineering and manufacturing knowledge into the software. If your clients demand custom-made products and you seek a cost-effective way to produce it, the answer is. Digital Factory.


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