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Use a Rapid Prototyping Service for Travel-Friendly Sales Tools | Kraftwurx PDF Print E-mail

How you can use a 3D Printing Prototype Service for Travel-Friendly Sales Tools

Rapid Prototyping services are not only for engineering samples. For professionals who work in sales or marketing, 3D printing can truly be a game changer. With Rapid Prototyping services from Kraftwurx, sales professionals can obtain detailed, small-scale models and fully functioning prototypes to use as visual aids and tools on sales calls, at pitch meetings and during presentations and conferences. These models are lightweight, easy to transport and even carry onboard a plane.

How a 3D Printed Prototype Service Can Help Sales

You've received a sales lead and have to fly out today to meet with the client. Normally you pack up brochures and business cards to take with you because it’s difficult to take along the product you’re actually selling. It’s either too large, too heavy, too bulky or too expensive to take on the plane or in the car, or it’s too expensive to produce for every salesperson on staff. With Rapid Prototyping services from Kraftwurx you can create an easy to transport model that your client can see, touch and hold.

3D printing, can create functional prototype too - Whether it’s a large oil well valve or a tiny computer part, 3D printing allows you to produce a scaled visual tool that will help you better explain, market and sell your product.

Rapid prototyping also makes it easy to create cutaway views of your product, revealing the inner workings and mechanics behind your product. You can use these features to your advantage to help convince the buyer to sign the contract and close the deal.

Try Kraftwurx Rapid Prototyping Service

Kraftwurx provides prototyping services to a wide variety of companies and industries including aerospace, automotive, toys, games, Oil & Gas industries, firearms and many more.

Want to find out if your company can benefit from 3D prototypes and models? Call Kraftwurx today at 281-256-9737.


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