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Kraftwurx - Help - Designer Introduction
3D Designers & Artists - An Introduction PDF Print E-mail

Who is Kraftwurx Intended for?

Kraftwurx is for engineers, product designers, Industrial designers and 3D artists to use as a venue to bring their ideas to life and turn them into real-products for sale in the marketplace and sell them to the world. Kraftwurx is also for anyone with an idea and no experience in design whatsoever. Simply post your idea in the alchemy section, and let Kraftwurx turn your idea in reality either just for you or sell it to the world! The Kraftwurx community is a great place to communicate with the world about 3D design. Bureaus can promote your business, communicate with other bureaus, and sellers can communicate to each other too and learn about how to bring products to market.

How Do I Use Kraftwurx?

Kraftwurx is super easy to use. Simply create a sellers account and you will be presented with the sellers control panel. You can upload your models there and define specifications about them including pieces AND assemblies (a product made of two or more parts). Assemblies can even have different materials and finishes. Specify details and Kraftwurx takes care of everything else.

Who Makes My Stuff?

Kraftwurx includes many 3D printing veterans ready to manufacture your products just for your customers. These people know what they are doing. As long as you explain your product clearly, we can produce and deliver it to your clients.

How Do You Make My Stuff?

Kraftwurx uses Direct Digital Manufacturing, also called Rapid Prototyping or Additive Fabrication to make the products sold through Kraftwurx. Kraftwurx can make products in a wide variety of materials including but not limited to: Yellow & White Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver,Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon, ABS plastic, transparent plastics, rubber and many other materials. A complete list of our 40+ materials is available. Kraftwurx also offers over 40 finishes for products including anodizing, plating, powder coating, painting, polishing, brushed effects and more. Learn more about our materials & finishes HERE


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