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Using the community for self help PDF Print E-mail
Help - Getting Started

This article is designed to educate you about the community
questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us via and how you can use the community for self help.

To find our community resources, place your mouse over the Community at the top of every Kraftwurx page. Click the link and see what the community has to offer. You should spend some time exploring the community. You will find helpful people willing to discuss topic with you as well as other methods to get help.

Forum Style discussion boards

Kraftwurx provides forums dedicated to many topics. Within these forums you can search, and post questions and answers with other users. This is a great place to learn about Kraftwurx, 3D printing and more.

We have Category Specific discussion boards that are growing every day.

We have General discussion boards that let you discuss interests, issues, or just have some fun.

Find your favorite neighborhood

Kraftwurx lets you see your friends general location (City). This is a great way to find fellow Kraftwurx users and meet-up to discuss how you can use our services.

Join or start a group

Do you want to connect with other members who share your specific interests? In Groups you can find people interested in the same things you are, and discuss collections, news events, or whatever you're interested in. If you don't find a group about your favorite topic, you can start one where you can post questions and talk to other community members who subscribe to the groups. Even better, the Kraftwurx community lets you make friends similar to Facebook.

Get the latest Krafwurx news

Want to know what's going on at Kraftwurx? Then our news and RSS feeds are for you. You'll find information about system changes, new feature roll-outs, or issues that might affect you.

The fine print

Before you post a question, it's a good idea to be familiar with the discussion boards usage policy.

Community resources are great for sharing best practices, finding friends, learning more about Kraftwurx & more. However, Krafwurx is not responsible for the accuracy of the answers, or the content of any opinions or statements on community boards. If your question involves trust and safety policies, account security, or website issues, it is best to get the information directly from Kraftwurx.


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