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Can I modify or cancel an order? PDF Print E-mail
Help - Getting Started

This article provides general information related to Kraftwurx. If you have
questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us via
email, through the community or the forums

Placing an order on is super easy!

Changing Product Details on an Order

Once an order has been finalized through the checkout process, the products themselves cannot be modified.

Changing the Shipping Method on an Open Kraftwurx Order

As with Product Details, once an order has been finalized through the checkout process, the shipping method selected at checkout cannot be altered. However, if you are able to cancel your order, you may purchase it again and select a different shipping method.

Instructions for Cancelling Your Order

All modifications or cancellations must be done by email, online-chat or by phone.

If the Cancel Order button does not appear, it means your order has already been queued for production and/or shipment. If this is the case, your order is now beyond the point where we can halt the production and shipment of your items. However, please understand that we still have a return/refund policy for unwanted orders.

Requesting an Address Correction

Unlike Product Detail and Shipping Method, we do have the ability to change a shipping destination up to the point where the order is queued for shipment. To change the shipping address, please Contact Our Customer Support Team with your order number and corrected shipping address. A Kraftwurx support representative will make every effort to have the address corrected before the item is queued for shipment.


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