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Kraftwurx is the world's premier 3D marketplace; a place for buyers and sellers to come together and create almost anything.

Here's how Kraftwurx Works:

  • A seller creates a model and publishes it for sale on Kraftwurx, virtually anything you can imagine is possible - Infinite Possibilities.

  • We've created a lot of content ourselves to help educate designers and engineers on whats possible with 3D printing but we realize you are as creative as any of us and what's possible will grow with your ideas too.

  • Consumers browse and buy products for sale on the Kraftwurx website for sale by you.

  • We produce the products using 3D printing technology, also called Rapid Prototyping, Additive Fabrication or Direct Digital Manufacturing. Any way you say it, its really cool!

  • Through Alchemy you can design products and bring ideas to market without any experience whatsoever. Just post details about your idea, pictures and any information needed to describe the product and a designer will find you and help you turn your idea into reality.

  • Bulk orders are produced in competitive bids. On Kraftwurx, bulk orders are any quantity beyond 10-15 units


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