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Kraftwurx API lets you customize anywhere!

Sell Customized Products on your Site.

Our API is for driving sales!
With Kraftwurx we've decided to provide you a robust method to embed our technology into your website. Sell Kraftwurx merchandise you choose on your site without your customers visiting Use our API and any products you sell in your store can be displayed on your own site complete with checkout on your site!

Visualization Excellence
Kraftwurx 3D viewer technology is the best in the industry. We've built our viewers to make products look like "products" instead of cartoons or video games. Note: Launches Spring 2012!

Use Kraftwurx API to make and real products without investing in anything except uploading models. Just create models in your favorite CAD package and upload them to Set your website credentials and display the products on your site. We ensure its manufactured right. We handle everything, letting you focus on earning money!

Kraftwurx - Uber customize your life - Infinite Possibilities.

For more information about using our API, contact us

Invite Friends SystemDevelopers Portal

Invite Friends System

Kraftwurx Developers Portal features a robust interface to code and develop custom tools to tweak and customize products in 3D. Use our developers portal to get involved in the biggest change to happen to the manufacturing since the industrial revolution began 100 years ago!

Seat AllocationCompletely Secure

Control Your Privacy

Kraftwurx knows just how important your intellectual property is to you and or your company...and your bottom line. Our API and developers tools keep your product data safe with secure encrypted data transmission. We guarantee that your products remain yours, period!

Choose Your FriendsNo Experience Needed

Friends Approval System

Kraftwurx design tools let customers customize and personalize products without any experience. With the API and developer portal, you can build new apps and widgets to add new features that your clients can use to customize your products in unique ways.

Powerful Search FunctionDigital Quality Built In!

Powerful Search Function

Every product made on Kraftwurx is produced using 3D printing. That means your products are digitally accurate to the nth degree. We'll ensure that anything you sell is exactly what your customer ordered no matter what. Best of all, there is no inventory, no overhead...just sales directly from CAD data!



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