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Understanding Earnings PDF Print E-mail

There several ways to make money using the Kraftwurx platform. We've created this article to help you understanding earnings and how they are calculated.

  • Royalties - Royalties are based on sales of products you own. When you upload a model or assembly to Kraftwurx and it sells, you earn royalties based on your markup percentage set globally or individually for a product in your sellers account.
  • Referrals - Kraftwurx allows you to share earnings for referrals. You set the percentage of royalties to pay for referrals through your referral settings in your sellers control panel. You specify what you will pay and we handle the rest.
  • Volume Bonus - Kraftwurx pays additional royalty bonuses for larger orders, anything beyond 5 units in a single sale qualifies.
  • Co-Create - Kraftwurx provides a way to bring products to market and share profits. This means multiple people can combine their talents to create more complex and interesting products. Combine two or more people to team up with and create the product(s). When they sell, each team member will earn a their percentage of profits.

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