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All products sold through the Kraftwurx website are billed shipping. Kraftwurx ships using UPS & USPS.


Kraftwurx production typically runs 7-10 days but may take as long as 3 weeks for metal cast products or complex parts/assemblies. For "personalize your own" the delivery time starts when the designer has adjusted your product. For all other orders we count from the moment we receive your payment. This means within 10, 14 or 21 working days if you pay directly by credit card or Paypal.


Typically it will take UPS 2-3 days to ship your product. For some countries, such as Australia, shipping might take as much as five days. You will receive a UPS tracking email once we have shipped your order. You can use this email to track your package. It also has the UPS details of your order in it should there be any issues with the UPS delivery.

PO boxes: We can not accept PO box addresses because UPS only accepts street addresses.

You can select one payment address but you can ship to as many addresses as you have on your gift list. Your payment address should be consistent with the billing address if you want to pay with a credit card. In the other address field you can enter a friend's address, your mother's, your boss' anyone really that you would like to give the gift of Kraftwurx to.

Duties and import tax

Please be aware that shipping charges do not include international taxes or duties (fees). Contact the customs office in the destination country for information about any applicable duties or taxes. Goods shipped outside of the United States will be described to your local customs as plastic or metal goods. This will be invoiced separately by UPS.

If an order is placed on and then refused, you will be responsible for the original shipping & handling costs, as well as any duties, taxes and/or customs charges that were incurred in shipping the package. Kraftwurx has made every effort to minimize our international shipping charges. We only charge our cost for these services. We do not make any profit on our shipping services to customers at any time. Also, we are required by law to disclose the full value of the package contents and cannot alter this value. If you have any shipping questions or comments please fill out our feedback form.

Any shipment refused by customs or at the point of delivery will be at your expense.

We currently do not ship to embargoed countries according to U.S. Policy.

Unless a contrary agreement is explicitly made, title passes to the buyer at the time your goods are physically delivered to the shipping carrier. Orders are produced through Kraftwurx.


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